Your Corporate Event Needs A Photo Booth

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Photo Booths as a featured addition to any corporate event, trade shows, marketing event or company anniversary is always memorable experience for inviting guests. That will enjoy a goofy fun and comfortable environment for capturing those memorable moments.  Photo Booths rentals always have the added value of providing a memento from the event.  Even help the businesses remain in the minds of the guests of their events and effectively to obtain more clients.  Let’s explore Goofy Photo Booth’s top five reasons to have a photo booth at your event. 

1) Ultimate For A Corporate Event

When you’re hosting any corporate function, an on-site photo booth will give your event the added advantage of making sure your guests have a stimulating and unique way of capturing the goofy fun that comes with any photo booth.  Also, photo booths are easily adapted to functions of all sizes and themes.  As good as all this is a photo booth rental can be utilized as a component of a corporate branding campaign; with the possibility of the company branded photo strips treasured for a lifetime.  Whether you’re planning an formal award ceremony, or hosting an event of any kind the specialized commemoration that combines an element of fun to the party is a photo booth as they are always an affordable entertainment. 

2) Make it personal 

Your Guests are able to customize their photos with props to provide your event with a personal touch.  Photo booth rentals offers a plethora of props for the guests to pose with.  Providing your own branded costumes or props is also welcome if you prefer, especially if when they are suited for the event.  Costumes and props that are almost always included with the rental of a photo booth include items such as masks, boa's, necklaces, hats, tiara's, glasses, silly signs and theme related props. 

3) Share The Moment

Photo Booths today allow you to brand social posts that will put goofy fun photographs (and your company) on social media sites.  Giving people the opportunity to interact with others in a group setting of a photo booth that offers a fun and free way to capture memories with their colleagues.  

The photos taken in the photo booth can be branded with a company logo then shared. As a result, the photos are repeatedly shared through social media and email.  As the host of the event you can gains access to valuable customer data for lead generation and future marketing campaigns.

4) All Guests Are Included

For events with a medium to a large gathering of people, it is often difficult for the event photographer(s) to capture photographs all of the guests.  Renting a photo booth for your event will guarantee that all your guests have a chance to get their photo taken.  Yes, there are always those limited number of guest who seem to be in countless number of photos.  Photo booths compliment traditional photographer and do not take away from the professional photographer in any way.

5) Retail

Having a photo booth at your next sales event is an excellent approach to increase the businesses brand awareness and can attract more people to the event.  Let’s face it photo booths are people magnets, especially when the prints are offered to your guests at no cost.  Renting a Goofy Photo Booth during any sales event and customizing the photo strip to include a discount or a coupon on it will increase the use and brand awareness.  

Your customers will recall your company and the bargain they received whenever they glance at the photo strip as it hangs on their refrigerator for years to come.  A photo booth can also randomly pick winners then print a winning ticket for the special guest or guests as you may choose that than can be redeemed the ticket for your chosen prize.

Now that we know renting a Photo Booth for all your events will add value to your business, be sure to contact Goofy Photo Booth for a quote.  Goofy may be part of our name but we are always fair, honest, affordable with all our rentals.  With our open air photo booth guests no longer need to cram into a tight booth.  So go ahead gather all your friends and colleagues, pick up some fresh new props, and get ready to make some lifetime memories at your next event.

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