Feather Boas

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Feather Boa Most Venues have stopped allowing Photo booth operators to use Boas because of the mess that they make. Leaving behind a pile of feathers that looks something like a hen house after the fox is done. Takeing hours after the event to clean up. However, Guests continue to demand them as they are a staple in having photo booth goofy fun.

We believe that limiting the fun is no way to make a great night for your guests, so after a long search, Goofy Photo Booth has located

Featherless Boaa source for Mess Free, Super Soft no Quills, Feather Free, Hypoallergenic / Allergy Free, Machine Washable, and Animal By-Product Free Featherless Boas. 

Mess Free

Leave the Feather to the birds. 100% featherless boa design allows your guests to enjoy a feather-lie appearance without hanging a poultry farm around their necks. 

Super Soft, without the Quills

No longer will your guests be stabbed in the neck by quills. Let them live out there fantasies pain-free with super soft feather free Boa! Your guest will love Snuggling up with a soft as a kitten boa!

Feather Free Quality

Our Quality Feather Free Boas is something that your guests will enjoy. They are durable and we bring many different colors to each event for your guests to choose from. There will certainly one that matches everyone's wardrobe's no matter how plain, Goofy or fancy it may be. 

Hypoallergenic/ Allergy Free

All of the boas we now use are made of synthetic materials that won't get your guests allergies in an uproar. They can bury their face in our boas or snuggle up and enjoy an itch-free and truly enjoyable experience. 

Machine Washable

Our Boas are washable so even after many uses they remain clean and fresh just like the first guest that has a chance to use them experienced. 


Our boas do not use any animal by-products. So Daffy, Donald and all of our feather friends are able to go out in public without having to blur their finer parts. Our featherless boas made from soft washable synthetic materials, making all the birds in the world happy again. 






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