Creative Ways To Add Even More Fun to your Photo Booth

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Creative Ideas for Your Photo Booth to add Goofy Fun to Your Next Event

It's said that a picture is worth a thousand words, we find this is especially true of wedding, bat & bar mitzvah and event photos. New and unique designs and options seem to be available almost every week now for photo booths. Photo Booths and the photo favors they create continue to be the hottest and most appreciated trend at mitzvahs, weddings, and other parties.  Their popularity blends well with the Instagram, Facebook sharing and social media demanding guests of all ages today.  The available options tend to be almost endless, from the classic to the open-air, hi-tech social media photo booth, the platforms and features available today are liken to the difference of the jet age and the invention of the wheel. Read on as we cover just a few of today's options...

1) Red Carpet Photo Booth

Red Carpet and Stanchions. 

No matter if you’re having a themed B'nai mitzvah or wedding, or just want to add a little flare to your next event,  Red Carpet  & Stanchions will definitely make all of your guests feel like celebrities!  Adding the Red Carpet and Stations to your Photo Booth is a perfect addition to any Hollywood theme event!


2) Step and Repeat Backdrop

Step and Repeat Backdrops. 

Having a custom backdrop for your event and photos be it a themed Sweet 16, Quinceañera, B'nai mitzvah, corporate event or wedding, can add just the right touch. Along with Red Carpet  & Stanchions will add that Hollywood paparazzi flare to any event! 


3) Open-Air Photo Booth

Open Air Photo Booth. 

Goofy Photo Booth offers open air photo booth that provides Goofy, laugh out loud entertainment for weddings, bar & bat mitzvahs, Sweet 16’s or any event. The open air setup is fun and social, allowing for large groups to get in the photo together.


3) Classic Photo Booth

Enclosed or Classic Photo Booth. 

Goofy Photo Booth offers the classic Coney Island type of photo booth that provides Goofy, and yet privet entertainment at corporate events, weddings, bar & bat mitzvahs, Sweet 16’s or just about any event. The classic enclosed photo booth is intimate fun, allowing for guests to themselves in a photo.


4) Magazine Covers

Magazine Covers Make your Guest stars. 

Goofy Photo Booth can take your themed party to another level. Feature your guest on the cover of your favorite magazine. Your guest will treasure this photo favor for many years to come, and also remember what a great time they had creating such a goofy memory.


5) Fun Props!

Photo Booth Props that Rock. 

Goofy Props, what fun would a photo be without great silly and fun props, Let your guests choose from frames, masks, hats, gloves, signs, and special themed event props and so much more!


6) Start Screen Branding.

Custom Photo Booth Screens. 

Goofy Photo Booth offers every event and type of photo booth a Custom designed Start Screen this is a great way to share a message to all your guests or brand your event. 



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